Raths Sportmanagement is a global sport company that
operates in the sports, entertainment and lifestyle sectors

Raths Sportmanagement is a Luxembourg-based independent sport company providing comprehensive solutions to businesses in the sports and media industry.

Founded in 2014 by Damien Raths, it has since grown its service offering ans is today operating several distinguished service platforms offering bespoke assistance and services to companies operating in professional sports, media and/or entertainment.


Damien Raths is the head, founder and owner of Global Sports Company Raths Sportmanagement. He runs Raths Sportmanagement with its platforms Damra Sportswear, Sportletzebuerg.TV, Sportbelgium.TV, Raths Sportmanagement Agency and is also president of Avenir Beggen F.C. & KFC Uerdingen

Damien Raths is also a consultant for two international financial institutions, a partner of various professional football leagues, football clubs and specialists in international sports marketing.
Damien Raths is also president of one of  Luxembourg's and Germany's best known and most successful football clubs, Avenir Beggen F.C & KFC Uerdingen.

Damien Raths is based in Luxembourg and Frankfurt, graduated in Sportmanagement in Germany and before creating Raths Sportmanagement active in various management positions.

Founder & Owner

- RAFI Services is founded

- New Chairman of Avenir Beggen Football Club

- Raths Sportmanagement - D.R Group is founded

- Raths Sportmanagement Sportsmarketing Agency is founded

- DAMRA Sportswear is founded

- Damien RATHS is the new president of Avenir Beggen Football Club

- Sportluxembourg TV is founded

- Sportbelgium TV is founded

- Raths Sportmanagement Agency become Arrows Sports Agency

- Damien RATHS is the new Vorstandsvorsitzender of KFC Uerdingen 05 eV